Formic acid 85% 90%, used in leather industry, textile industry, dye industry, pesticide industry

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Name: Formic Acid
Synonyms: Methanoic Acid; Hydrogen Carboxylic Acid; Aminic Acid

CAS No.: 64-18-6
HS Code: 29151100
UN NO: 1779
Dangerous Good Class 8
Technical Standard: GB/T 2093-93

Uses: As coagulin of caoutchouc, reducing agent of leather, dyeing organic industry solvent, food preservative, etc.

1 Pharmaceutical industryCaffeine, Analgin, Aminopyrine, Vitamin B1, etc.
2 Pesticide industryTriazolone, Disinfest, etc.
3 Chemical industryMethane amide, DMF, Age resister, etc.
4 Leather industryTanning, etc.
5 Textile industryNatural Rubber.
6 Rubber industryCoagulation, etc.
7 Steel industryAcid cleaning of steel production, etc.
8 Paper industry Pulp manufacturing, etc.
9 Food industry Disinfectant, etc.
10 Poultry industrySilage, etc.

Packing: P. E Drums25kg; 250kg; 1200kg IBC tanks, 25MT ISO Tank


Color Index(Platinum-Cobalt)

85% min90%min

0.005% max0.003%max

0.002% max0.001%max

0.0005% max0.0001%max

Residue after evaporation
0.02% max0.006%max

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